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You can download the Top End Itereractive Guide app onto your Mac OS X desktop or laptop.

The app contains 30 movies showing most aspects of the Top End with emphasis on Kakadu National Park.

The movies in the app are contained in the app so you do not need to have an Internet connection to view them.

Use the following button to buy the app and then download it to your phone for installation.

Buy the Top End Interactive Guide App for Mac OS X

The downloaded version of the app is in a ZIP file. Once downloaded double-click on the file and extract the folder containing the app to your preferred location which is normally the Applications folder.

Once extracted, double-click on the icon to start the app.

Below are the menus in the app showing the variety of topics being covered.


Each video can be watched on your laptop or desktop Windows computer. The movie page shows a link to our web site with further information.