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The ancient rock formation of the Arhnem plateau is a particularly fascinating place.  It is not only spectacular to see but it is also a place of great wildlife and cultural interest.  This area has more endemic species of vertebrates than any other, undoubtedly a result of its many micro-habitats and ancient history.  Species like the

Chestnut-quilled Rock-pigeon (Gurrbelak; Petrophassa rufipennis), the Banded Fruit-Dove (Adjmu; Ptilinopus cinctus), the Oenpelli Python (Nawaran; Morelia oenpelliensis), the Black Wallaroo (Barrk, Macropus bernardus), the Giant Arhnemland Skink (Bellatorius obiri), the Giant Cave Gecko (Pseudothecadactylus lindneri) and the Arhnem Whip Scorpion and the spectacular Leichhardts grasshopper  are only found in this escarpment country or Stone Country as it is sometimes called.  Plants like Anbinik and Allosyncarpa ternata have links back Gondwana when the Australian continent was part of a much larger continent along with South America and Antarctica.

Western science knows very little about the wildlife of the Top End and even less about the wildlife in this habitat.  Species like the Whip Scorpion are a case in point, discovered in the 1990s it is one of many species of invertebrates new to science.


A new genus of Whip Scorpion discovered in the Escarpment by Ian Morris in the early 1990s



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