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Do you need some media created for your webiste or your tour, or perhaps another aspect of your business?  Contact us, we can help make the resources and the delivery mechanisms to help you take better advantage of the digital world we live in and the changes it is bringing to customer experiences.

At Kakaduinfo, (entity1 Pty Ltd) we have a wide range of business management and media systems that can help you get on top of the information spiral.  As 'disruptive technologies' change the way we do things it is important to keep abreast of the opportunities, especially new ways to save money and time by doing things in better ways but also you need to be able to take advantage of new opportunities to help your business.

Some of our systems include cloud based financial mangement systems that help you see business management information in real time, even on mobile devices, online booking and sales systems and a range of new media touchscreen, App and other media delivery elements that create new marketing possibilities . 

We have the knowledge and skills  and over to help you get the online aspects of a business in tip top condition so you can enjoy your time and not spend it all "doing the paperwork".

For more information contact Graeme 0411 881 378 or go to the website of our Business