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About KakaduInfo

KakaduInfo has books and now the interactive resources to help you understand the ways that the wet dry tropics function.  This includes the wildlife and the systems that shape the landscape and provide the habitat for the plants and animals.  Understanding these things take your appreciaiton to a whole new level.

KakaduInfo is developed by Ian Morris and Graeme Sawyer who are among the Top End's most experienced naturalists and educators about our natural world.  Ian in an internationally recognised expert on north Austalia's biodiversity and has a wealth of experieince and has an unsurpassed knowledge of the intricacies of the natural world from Cape York to the Kimberleys. He speaks several indigenous languages and has lived and worked with Indigneous people in Arhnemland and Kakadu. He also has formal scientific qualifications and has worked in Kakadu since it was formed as a Natioanal Park.
Ian works as a consultant to film crews and documentary makes like the David Attenborough team and National Geographic.  You will see his name in the credits for most of the documentaries about North Austraia.