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KakaduInfo is committed to helping people enjoy the Top End more by better understanding what they are seeing when they visit places in the wet/dry tropics of Australia.  Our interactive audiovisual guide to the Top End and Kakadu has 30 sequences featuring informative narrations illustrated with stunning photography and video clips to help you understand our part of the world.  Try a sample of one of the Audiovisual sequences.

Our motto, 'understand what you see' is based on the fact that you get so much more enjoyment from an experience in the natural world when you understand the different levels of knowledge about the things happening around you.  The climate, landscape, wildlife and what they are doing are all part of this but to really see what's around you need knowledge to help you notice things.  The outstanding visuals of the system help to “train your eye” so you will recognise things when you are in the bush.

Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to make a visit with an expert like Ian to help them understand the place they visit and the things they see but these interactive resources can give you some of that experience.  Whether it is pre-planning for your tip, or helping build a better understanding while you are here the resources we have will be like having a naturalist in your pocket.

You can download and install the Top End Itereractive Guide app onto your Android (Google) phone.

The app contains 30 movies showing most aspects of the Top End with emphasis on Kakadu National Park.

The movies in the app are contained in the app so you do not need to have an Internet connection to view them.

English version

Chinese version