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“Put a Naturalist in your pocket”

The KakaduInfo system is the core of the "naturalist in your pocket" idea.  It contains audio visual sequences to help you learn about the Top End and Kakadu.  These are a combination of audio information combined with stunning imagery and some video to help you understand some of the many fascinating things you will see and hear in the Top End of North Australia.

The climate, landscape, wildlife and what they are doing are all part of KakaduInfo but to really see what's around you need knowledge to help you notice things and to understand them.  The outstanding visual materials in KakaduInfo help to “train your eye” so you will notice many things other people miss when you are in the bush.  This happens because once you see a visual image you are more likely to recognize things when you see the real thing.

The audiovisual materials are supplied on a USB and can be used on a computer and the video files can be loaded onto your phone or tablet device.

View the sample video here.

There are also books for those who like to have their information in that way.