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Floodplain Mammals

The mammal diversity of the floodplains is low, probaly because the habitat is so new in relative terms, only 4-6 thousand years old.  There are lots of mammals in this habitat, just not many species.  There are so many mammals at some times that the highest recorded biomass of mammls in the world was on the floodplains at Fogg Dam.

Some of these mammals are very wary and so hard to see, many of them are nocturnal and so only out at night.  To see many of these animals your best chance may be to go to a place like the Territory Wildlife Park where the Nocturnal House has an amazing display of these species.  The Water Rat, Hydromys chrysogaster, is a species similar to the Northern hemispheres' Otters, and fills a similar ecological niche in Top End wetlands.  These elusive mammals can be best seen in the Nocturnal House, at the Territory Wildlife Park, in a great natural display. 


A Water Rat at Fogg Dam